iPhone Theme

iPhone Theme (S60 5th)

Personalize your Nokia as if it were an iPhone


  • Authentic iPhone icons
  • Dock bar


  • No home screen wallpaper


The iPhone Theme for Symbian transforms your Nokia phone so that it resembles the famous Apple iPhone.

Install the iPhone Theme and you'll get a new set of menu icons in the style of those you'll find on iOS. The Calendar, Contacts, Gallery, Messaging, Settings and Applications icons are all as you would find them on the iPhone. There are some new ones (Log and Help, for example) for apps that don't appear on the Apple device.

The iPhone Theme also places an iOS-style dock at the bottom of your Symbian phone's home screen. Unfortunately, there are no icons on the dock, and also the home screen lacks a wallpaper image.

The iPhone Theme won't completely replicate iOS on your Nokia, but it does bring a touch of the Apple magic to the Symbian platform.

iPhone Theme


iPhone Theme (S60 5th)

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